Right. What the title says.

And then I'll do Primrose! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Hair/ Lips/ Skin Edit

I know that in the movie, Katniss has brown hair. Yet it clearly states that she has black hair in the books and olive skin. So you can color her hair sort of dark brown/almost black by going to Home Island and using the colorizer. (Also, make her skin olive with the colorizer, too).

1.Get the braid from the girl in yellow waiting in line for the mall to open on Night Watch Island.

2. Get the bangs from the girl in the pink/blue dress on Reality TV Show Island.

3. Also get the mouth from the girl in the pink/blue dress.

Clothes(Katniss 1: Casual) Edit

  1. On Home Island, customize the belt/ pouch from the person on the bridge wearing a giant backpack containing trophies and glittery diamonds and whatnot. (Is she a thief or an explorer)?
  2. Go to Monster Carnival and customize the black shirt from the boy holding a huge ice cream cone.
  3. Go to Spy Island and walk right away from Main Street. You'll see someone wearing camo crouching in the bushes. Customize his pants.
  4. Go to the store and buy the Robin Hood costume. Customize the bow and arrows.

Clothes(Katniss 2: Fighter) Edit

  1. Go to Spy Island and find the person with dark gray skin hiding on the rooftop of a building. Customize his black suit.
  2. Get the belt from the adventurer on Home Island.
  3. Get the bow and arrows from the store.

Clothes(Katniss 3: The Hunter) Edit

  1. On Red Dragon Island, customize the coat from the woman walking her aggresive dog.
  2. Get the shirt from the woman outside the ruins on Shark Tooth Island.
  3. Get black pants from a random Poptropican.
  4. Get the belt from Home Island.
  5. Customize the bow and arrows, yet again.

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