Poptropican Aurora

Maleficent’s worse enemy is, like, twenty years younger than her or something. No, I am not talking about the three fairies. I am talking about Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty herself. These steps will show you how to look like her.

1. Color your hair golden-blonde.

2. Color your skin a pale, rose and cream complexion.

3. You can get pale, pink lips from nearly anywhere. For example, there is a lady on Mystery Train Island with pale, pink lips. The lady has a comb in her hair and is wearing brown.

4. Go to Mythology Island and enter Herc’s Hero Hut. Costumize the crown and bangs from the girl wearing purple.

5. Travel to Poptropolis Games Island and costumize the bangs from the Wildfire representative.

6. Travel to Night Watch Island and walk right, right, right... until you see a girl in the tent. Costumize her hair.

7. Go to Wild West Island and costumize the dress from the lady in front of the Trading Post.

Are you ready for a one-hundred year long nap? Maleficent has already come, and she isn't happy.........

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