I'm sorry that I wasn't updating daily. The reason for that is that I couldn't decide whether to do regular Descendants or Descendants 2. I decided Descendants 2, & in good time too! So here are the tips to look like Ben!

How To Get Your Outfit Edit

Hair: Edit

  1. Get the Fall Fashion Outfit. Yes, the same as Jay's.
  2. Dye it brown, I would recommend at Carrot King Diner as you will know below.

Clothes: Edit

  1. Go to Carrot King Diner in 24 Carrot Island & get Tony's pants. Yes, this is why I told you to dye your hair there.
  2. Go to Cryptids Island.
  3. Go left.
  4. Go to the guy with the Afro, & customize his shirt& jacket.

Voila! You now look like Ben!

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