This outfit just feels like someone very calm and collected would wear, with a faded warm color scheme and no attention brought to just one aspect of it. It is a free outfit and costs no credits.

Calm and Collected Outfit
Hair- The man in the basement of the office building in Mocktropica Island that is knocked down the stairs when you enter.

Top- Unknown, but can be customized from the account blossmia.

Bottoms- From the man in the brown coat (the former child star) in Queequeg's Coffee Shop on Back Lot Island.

Mouth- From many Poptropicans in common rooms or randomized Poptropicans.

Glasses- From random Poptropicans or the "New You" shop on Home Island.

Scarf- From the "In the Now" shop on Night Watch Island. It is on one of the mannequins.

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