What You Need
Cost 150 credits at most
Hat None
Hair Black, short
Top White shirt, blue tie
Bottoms Black
Skin Tone Tan
Lips Any
Other Accesories Brown jacket, wings, sword
Are you a Supernatural fan? If yes, then you well know how adorable Castiel the angel is. Now you can dress like him following these steps below!



  1. You can either use the hair on the Gamer Dude costume from the store or you can put on Hades' crown from Mythology Island and take it off, leaving the hair style on.
  2. Dye it black or dark brown.


  1. The shirt and pants are from a Randomly Generated Poptropican, or you can add bluettie on your friends list and customize his shirt and pants.
  2. Go to Ghost Story Island and customize the jacket on the man shaking salt to the left.


  1. The wings are from the Angel costume from the store.
  2. The sword is from the Templar Knight costume from the store.


  1. Customize any mouth.


  1. Dye your skin a tan color.

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