If you look up how to make a schoolgirl outfit, chances are you will probably get either an anime-inspired look or a sailor-type outfit with a short skirt. But, what if you want to just dress up like a normal girl would? Read on to find out how!

Hair, Skin, & Cosmetics Edit


Hair: Use the ponytail with a dark green band on it, randomized through the New You shop at home.

Bangs: The lower bangs are from the same randomizer. The upper bangs are from the boy representing the Wildfire tribe on Poptropolis.

Hair Color: Anything natural works, but to name my top five in no order, I'd go with brown, blonde, auburn, black, or dirty blonde.

Skin Tone: Anything natural works here! I've chosen a tan peach for my character here.

Mouth: You can use either relatively neutral-colored lips or a normal smile. I used the Biker ones here.

Outfit Edit

Top: Any shirt works as long as it doesn't jut out from your character and has a low neckline.

Bottom: Find some black pants for black leggings in the closet of misshipster123pop.

Accessories Edit

Overshirt: Do the ASG glitch with KBR_FallFashionASG and save his outfit, then switch back to your normal character and customize the plaid shirt.

Bakcpack: The green backpack is from the Fall Fashion 1 outfit from the store.

There you have it!

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