Are you tough? Are you fierce? ARE YOU A FIGHTER?! Are you female?!?!?! (Yes, female). Well, then you must be a daughter of Ares. Or else an Amazon. Here is to Clarisse Rue, the warrior of Camp Half-Blood!

Hair/Skin/Lips Edit


1. Dye your hair brown.

2. Dye your skin with a slight tan.

3. Get a ponytail. Now, I decided that there were only two hairstyles that were good. The first ponytail is on Monster Carnival Island. You must finish a good deal of the island before you see the girl who tests your strength. Copy her ponytail.

4. The second ponytail can be found anywhere. For example, on Back Lot Island, there is a person named Sophie May or something who has this ponytail. There is also a girl on S.O.S Ialnd who tells you that her brother Ishmael is still on board with this ponytail.

5. If you get the ponytail from Ishmael’s sister or from Sophie, then you must travel to Reality TV Show Island and customize the bangs from the girl wearing a pink and blue dress.

6. Copy the mouth after friending ClarisseLeRueful.

Clothes Edit

1. Travel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island and go into the store. There is a man with an apron and glasses. Copy his orange shirt.

2. Now customize dark blue jeans from a random poptropican. Or, friend ClarisseLeRueful and copy her pants.

4. The jacket was from passerby on Poptropicon Island. I think it may be available on Zomberry Island. However, if you are feeling exceptionally lazy and impatient, friend ClarisseLeRueful and copy the jacket and hood.

5. The spear should be in everything173’s closet. If not, friend Slantedfish instead and customize the spear from her closet.

You are ready for battle!

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