Today, Poptropica Fashion Wiki will be giving a complete makeover. Let's start by explaining what is wrong.

What is wrong?Edit

Ugly 01

Meet the ugly girl.


Her hat looks like a fashion disaster.

Hair Color and Skin ColorEdit

That gray hair makes her look old, and that puke green skin is disgusting! They have to go!


Her princess hat penetrating the pink cap.


The tongue sticking out is very unattractive. Her tongue is going in her head.


That is one of the ugliest outfits I have ever seen. Her clothes do not match.

How to Fix?Edit


The bangs are not bad. Talk to Amelia, say Yes, say Let's Go, keep going until you find the winter girl, costumize the winter girl, click on the green shirt with a magnifying glass, click on the hair, then click on the check mark, say Can I go somewhere else?, and press "Leave".

Ugly Girl 02

Wow, I like the bow in her hair!

Hair Color and Skin ColorEdit

Go to the New You shop, go to the Colorizer, change that old hair color to black, and change that nasty skin color to yellow.

Ugly Girl 03

Notice how much her she looks nicer without the old gray hair color and the disgusting green skin color!


She would look better with glasses. Travel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, find the girl with the brown jacket, and costumize her glasses.

Ugly Girl 04

She is starting to look a whole lot better!


The tongue sticking out is very unattractive and easy to make fun of. She would look much better without the exposed tongue. Travel to Night Watch Island, go right until you find the girl with the red braids, and costumize her mouth.

Ugly Girl 05

Her new look is coming together very nicely!


Pink, green, and red looks like a fashion disaster! Change that! Travel to Monster Carnival, go to the carnival, find the girl with the pigtails, and costumize her clothes.

Ugly Girl 06

You are now done!


Attractive Girl

Wow! What a difference! Thank you for reading this article!