Hello, and today we are here with Presley to see if we can change up her - odd - look! Do not worry, it's possible with a little know-how and five minutes of time! As a bonus, everything here is from Home Island! Let's get into it!

Screenshot 636

Step One: What's Wrong?

Oh, dear. Presley is having a bit of trouble with her outfit today. Here is what she should fix.

Hair: There are no bangs? Without bangs her current style just looks flat.

Glasses: The color does not match.

Mouth: Ah, buckteeth aren't the best choice. Best to opt for something more neutral.

Skin Tone: That Simpson yellow is a bit blinding!

Outfit: I suppose it's not bad, but it could be better. The colors are bland.

Step Two: Save that Skin!

Screenshot 637

Electric yellow is not a good choice for a skin color! I adjusted Presley's tone to a muted peachy hue. You can do this with the CTRL+SHIFT+S command, use a pigment from Early Poptropica, or use the Colorizer in your inventory or at "New You" at Home.

Step Three: Lipstick Makeover!

Screenshot 638

Presley's buckteeth were a big issue, so I opted for these neutral dark lips from the woman right outside the "New You" shop at Home. Major improvement!

Step Four: Hair Salon!

Screenshot 639
Screenshot 640
Screenshot 641

At this point Presley's short hair is looking a tad drab. Why don't we switch it up a bit for a fresh new style? Go into the "New You" and crank the lever for a stylish wavy 'do! So much improvement!

Step Five: Style those Bangs!

Presley needs some bangs, and my favourite would be the hat/bangs combo on the photographer on the east half of the island. Snazzy!

Step Six: Bundle Up!

Now we costumize the outfit! Keep it simple with the shirt/hoodie combo and red leggings, both from the girl in aviator gear near your blimp.

Step Seven: Accessorize!

Presley looks amazing! I'll just switch out her hot pink glasses for some blue ones that complement her hat, and there you go! A fabulous look that has transformed completely <3

Screenshot 642

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