We are back to give a total makeover to Brad, who is having a fashion emergency right now! Can we save his outfit before it is too late? (Please, note! Everything here is free and from Home Island!)

Step One: What's Wrong?

Screenshot 645

Ah, what do you think Brad should change with his look?

Hairstyle: They kind of look like skinny sticks...?

Hair Color: A bit too bright to fit with a typical look.

Mouth: Buckteeth are not the best choice.

Skin Tone: Agh, blue is left to the Smurfs when choosing a skin tone, thank you.

Outfit: Could be better. Outfits can and will always be improved.

Step Two: Save that Skin!

Screenshot 646

The blinding blue color is a big issue, so here I have dyed it this warm brown color. Brad looks better already! Simple little color adjustments can work wonders sometimes.

Step Three: A Trip to the Dentist

We need to do something about those buckteeth, so here I have customized the barber's mouth from his shop inside New You.

Screenshot 647
Screenshot 648
Screenshot 649

Step Four: Hair Salon!

A salon trip is just the thing to fix a bad case of stick-hair. I used the random outfit tool on New You and found this amazing cap-and-hair look! Major improvement!

Step Five: Bundle Up!

We can fiddle around with the look now! Get rid of that white vest and put on the tan shirt from the photographer on the east side of the island. Then, customize the black-and-red pants from the barber in New You. The backpack is just fine! You can leave it as it is.

Step Six: Finishing Touches!

Jacob looks amazing! At this point it's okay to add little touches to add extra to the look, so I toned down the mega-bright hair color to a more muted reddish-brown.

Jacob looks amazing! Tune in for more complete makeovers soon!

Screenshot 650