Do you have muscles, and love working? If so, this is the outfit for you

Construction Worker
What You Need
Cost 0 credits
Hat Hard Hat/Miner Hat
Hair Any color
Top Striped Collared Shirt
Bottoms Black Pants
Skin Tone Any
Lips Any
Other Accesories Construction Belt

How to GetEdit

1. First, get a construction belt from an oil worker on Super Villain Island.

2. Then, travel to Nabooti Island, and put on the miner helmet. If you haven’t already completed Nabooti Island, complete this part or get a hard hat from somewhere else.

3. Go to SOS Island, and customize the worker girl that tried to fix the pipes. Only get her shirt.

4g. For Girls, go to Lunar Colony Island, and customize the teenage girl’s pants

4b. For Boys, go to Back Lot Island, and go to the left until you see the guy wearing all black, and a mullet. Customize his pants.

Thank you for looking at my outfit! I hope you enjoy!