Hair/Mouth/Skin Edit

  1. Dye you skin tanned.
  2. Dye your hair golden.
  3. Go to Night Watch Island
  4. Get the sideburns from the man wearing a white sweater with a red scarf-thing in line.
  5. Go to the Poptropolis Games and copy the bangs from the Wildfire representative.
  6. Go to Mythology Island and copy the hair from the man wearing red who comments on Zeus being in a bad mood and forming clouds.
  7. Get a smug-looking smile. The one from the woman standing in front of the photo booth on Home Island is good.

Clothes Edit

  1. Go to Time-Tangled Island and travel to Ancient Athens. (It's the button with the serious-looking warriolr head wearing the funny helmet with a plume).
  2. Travel WAAAAAAAAAAAY to the right until you see a derpy-looking boy wearing a blue and white tunic standing in front of the building with the Oracle of Delphi inside. Customize his tunic.
  3. Go to Mythology Island and enter Herc's Hero Hut. In it you will see a girl in a purple chiton with gold straps on it. Copy those gold straps.
  4. Find Poseidon and get his trident.

If you don't like the golden straps, get the golden rope belt from Athena on Mythology Island. Next, get Poseidon's starfish necklace.

You look like Finnick!

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