Football Player
Poptropican (25)
What You Need
Cost 75
Hat Football helmet
Hair (N/A)
Top Football uniform shirt
Bottoms Football uniform pants
Skin Tone Doesn't matter
Lips Smile
Other Accesories Football
 The Football Player outfit is a storebought outfit specifically designer for football players and fans. It comes in four different colors. However, it is still very fashionable!

Hair, Skin, & CosmeticsEdit

Hair: This doesn't matter, since it won't be showing anyhow.

Bangs: Doesn't matter! It will not show.

Hair Color: No need to bother.

Skin Tone: Anything in a natural color works.

Mouth: You can find this grin in common rooms and in New You.

Outfit Edit

Shirt: The shirt is from the American Football Boy outfit. You can buy this in stores.

Paints: This is on the same costume.

Accessories Edit

Helmet: This is on the same costume.

Football: This is also on the same costume.

You now look like a football player!