Below are the steps on how to get the Goth/Dead Guy costume on poptropica

This is how you get the Goth/Dead dude costume in poptropica. 

  1. Get Hades’ crown and belt from Mythology Island.
  2. ◾Get the scar and the scythe in his hand from the Haunted House.
  3. ◾Get his mouth to be frowning.
  4. ◾Change skin color to black (Early Poptropica pigments, Ctrl+Shift+S cheat, or Colorizer from the Store).
  5. ◾Add a black and pants.
  6. ◾The skull shirt is from the goth guy on Reality TV Island’s Main Street.
  7. ◾The shades are from the secretary in Spy Island HQ.

If you follow all of these steps you should get your poptropican to look like this :