Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

Who doesn't love pets? They're cute, cuddly, and full of fun! But have you ever wondered what it woud be like to run on a wheel or chew up the furniture? Well, feel free to give it a try in this nifty little costume! Just try not to get stepped on or sucked into the vacuum!


  • Tint both your hair and skin the same color (nonspecific)
  • Buy the werewolf costume, customize only the face fur (patched)
  • Get the buck-teeth from Dr. Hare's brain-washed henchmen on 24 Carrot Island (make sure their rabbot helmets are still activated)
  • Go to Mythology Island, customize the shirt and ears (hidden beneath the horns/face fur) from the Minotaur and get the pants/tail from any one of the many fauns wandering around
  • Find the nose/whiskers on various other players you'll meet in common rooms, but the quickest and easiest way to obtain it is by typing "perfectcomet1" in friend search and customizing her Poptropican


This doesn't just have to be a Guinea pig, it could also pass as a hamster! And if you wear the tail that comes with the werewolf costume, you can turn it into a chinchilla! You could also dig around for a long, slender tail to make yourself a mouse or rat!