Winter has yet to end in the part of the world where I am living in, so this costume is about ice and snow.

Hair/Lips/Skin Edit

1. Go to Poptropicon Island and go to the girl dressed as a princess-knight. She’s the one standing in a line, and she has an extra ticket. Yes, she is wearing a blue cone hat. Copy her bangs and her hairpiece/hat.

2. Go to Mythology Island and copy the lips from the woman wearing blue WITH the basket of fruit on her head.

3. Use the colorizer machine on Home Island to dye your skin either white or pale blue.

4. Use the same machine to dye your hair either white or pale blue. However, if you dyed your skin white, you should dye your hair pale blue. If your skin is blue, dye your hair white.

Outfit Edit

1. Travel to Mythology Island and copy the dress from old Athena, not her in her actual form. The dress she wears as an old peasant lady.

2. Travel to Poptropicon Island and copy the staff from the dark-skinned girl wearing a blue top hat. She’s the one who tells you that she is a wizard, not a magician.

3. On Poptropicon Island, if you hop up onto the Convention Center building-NOT to the very top-you’ll see a woman sitting and eating. She has short hair and says, “Nom nom nom,” if you click her. Copy the white scarf she is wearing.

Now you look like a proper ice princess.

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