I like the movie, "Inside Out"

Step OneEdit

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Step TwoEdit

For Joy:Edit


Gender: 0
Skincolor: FFE17C
Haircolor: 0C71B9
Eyes: 3
Marks: mthfemwar
Shirt: prockergirl3
Hair: sponsorpercyjackson
Mouth: mthkappafisher

For Sadness:Edit


Gender: 0
Skincolor: 8EC9FF
Haircolor: 2275C2
Eyes: 3
Pants: policeman
Shirt: vcvillager1
Hair: hashimoto
Mouth: scuba
Facial: ginnkw

For Fear:Edit


Gender: 1
Skincolor: D7AAE7
Linecolor: AC88B8
Eyes: 3
Pants: pdarkknight_boy
Shirt: ginnk
Hair: sponsorgregwrapped
Mouth: z_zombie
Overshirt: poptropicon_guard3

For Disgust:Edit


Gender: 0
Skincolor: B7F297
Haircolor: 2D8000
Eyes: 1
Marks: limited_mh_bonita
Pants: gasdude
Shirt: sponsortinkerbell
Hair: hashimoto
Mouth: skullpirate3
Facial: ppromqueen1
Overshirt: tfscarf

For Anger:Edit


Gender: 1
Skincolor: E43A18
Haircolor: FFD100
Eyes: 1
Pants: gsrprof
Shirt: dadchar1
Hair: sponsor_rick
Mouth: prisoner3
Overpants: skullcannon

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