Kaede Kayano is a main character on Assasination Classroom. She did something very horrible but became great afterwards. Anyway, this is how you look like Kaede(or Akari)!

How To Get Your Outfit Edit

Hair: Edit

  1. Buy the Cheerleader outfit.
  2. Customize the hair.
  3. Get the bangs from New You.
  4. Dye the hair dark emerald green.

Clothes: Edit

  1. Go to Cryptids Island.
  2. Customize the shirt from the guy in the red & blue goggles.
  3. Go a little left to customize the girl with the freckles' skirt.
  4. Get the jacket from a random Poptropican (I got mine from Early Poptropica).

Voila! You now look like the lovable Kaede (or the revengeful Akari).

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