In honor of Descendants 2, I decided to do Mal from Descendants. I personally have never watched the first movie, so I did some research & came with this outfit. It's not perfect, though it's free.

How To Get Your Outfit Edit

Hair: Edit

  1. Go to New You for the hair.
  2. Go to Poptropicon Episode 1.
  3. Customize the princess girl in blue's bangs.
  4. Dye your hair purple.

Clothes: Edit

  1. Go to Mythology Island.
  2. Go into Herc's Hero Hut.
  3. Customize the girl in purple's shirt.
  4. Customize the girl in green's belt.
  5. Friend nidhishree (I'm sorry) & customise her jacket (It's optional).

Voila! You now look like Mal!

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