Mermaid Poptropica Fashion Wiki
What You Need
Cost 525 credits
Hat None
Hair Gamer Girl's Hair

Fairy Queen's Bangs

Top Mythology Surfer's Posiden Top
Bottoms Geisha's bottoms
Skin Tone Blue
Lips Fairy Queen's lips
Other Accesories Necklace

Belt Swamp Monster's fin Bubble Follower

The Mermaid costume may cost a lot, but it's well worth it for this cool costume. It costs 525 credits, and you don't have to have a membership.

How to Become A Mermaid on PoptropicaEdit

  1. Go to the Store.
  2. Get the Mythology Surfer outfit, and customize the blue Poseidon top, necklace, and belt.
  3. Next, get the Gamer Girl outfit. Customize the hair.
  4. Use the blue Geisha skirt.
  5. Make your skin as close to that blue as possible via the Colorizer in the "New You" shop on your Home Island.
  6. Use the Fairy Queen's lips and bangs.
  7. Get the Swamp Monster costume and costumize the fin.
  8. If you want, get the Basic Followers Pack (Store) and get the bubble follower.

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