I wish I could be the perfect daughter, but I keep coming back to the water! No matter how hard I try.

Heh. Just had to. The music from that movie is amazing and I loaf it .u.

Anyways, today I'll be telling how to morph your character into Moana from, well, Moana!

Hair, Skin, & Cosmetics Edit


Hair: You can get it from the random look maker in "New You" on Home Island, or customize Slantedfish's hairdo. Either works.

Bangs: This is from the girl with the purple clothing sunbathing near Aphrodite on Mythology Island.

Hair Color: Dye your hair a rich dark brown using the Colorizer.

Skin Tone: Dye your skin a deep tan using the Colorizer.

Lips: Any lips in neutral rosy shades work. I always use the Biker lips, but that is my preference.

Outfit Edit

Top: This is from the sunbathing girl in orange next to Aphrodite on Mythology Island.

Skirt: The woman at the top of the tower near the right of Main Street on Arabian Nights Island: Episode 1 is wearing this skirt.

Accessories Edit

Necklace: This heart necklace (because it's the 'heart' of Te Fiti? No? Ok.) is on Aphrodite near Poseidon's Castle on Mythology Island.

Belt: This is from the same girl you got the top from.

I hope you enjoy my Moana look! Please leave feedback and variation ideas below!

So long! -misshipster123pop