We know her as the girl who was formerly a nerd, the girl who started the A game in Pretty Little Liars, the girl who faked her death & became good. Ladies & Gentlemen, I present: How to look like Mona Vanderwaal! This is the sixth & last Pretty Little Liars outfit I am writing about.

How To Get Your Outfit Edit

Hair: Edit

  1. Get the Vampire girl 3.
  2. Customize her hair & bangs.
  3. Dye your hair dark brown.

Clothes: Edit

  1. Go to Vampire's Curse Island.
  2. Get the girl with the pink streak's shirt.
  3. Go to Astro-Knights Island & run right to the mill.
  4. Get inside & customize the Goth Girl's skirt.

Voila! You now look like the rebel Mona Vanderwaal!

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