Musical Masterpiece
Poptropican (24)
What You Need
Cost 0
Hat (N/A)
Hair Bangs
Top Blue and white music note t-shirt
Bottoms Black skirt
Skin Tone Doesn't matter
Lips Dark red
Other Accesories Blue earrings
Gold necklace
Do you love music, and you are not afraid to show it? If so, Musical Masterpiece is totally your outfit. This simple look shows that you are passionate and stylish!

How To GetEdit

  1. Go to Lunar Colony Island. Enter Mission Control. Customize the ponytail from the female worker.
  2. Next, fly your blimp to Mythology Island. Customize the earrings and blush from the woman with a fruit basket on her head.
  3. Now, head off to Mystery Train Island. Customize the lips from the first woman you see.
  4. After that, make your way to Night Watch Island. Customize the shirt from the girl with double-braids standing in front of the mall. Customize the necklace from the African American woman standing in front of the mall.
  5. Customize the skirt from a random Poptropican.

You are now a musical masterpiece!