Mystery Murderer (Boys)
Mystery Murderer Boys
What You Need
Cost 75 credits
Hat None
Hair Any color
Top Blue shirt
Bottoms Brown pants
Skin Tone Doesn't Matter
Lips Frown
Other Accesories Jacket

Knife Sunglasses

The Mystery Murderer outfit gives a dark and mysterious look to your poptropican. You will need 75 credits and you don't have to have a membership

How to GetEdit

  1. Get the Vampire Boy costume and customize the sunglasses and jacket.
  2. Customize from random poptropicans a blue shirt and brown pants.
  3. Go to Cryptids Island and find the man outside of the General Store with the brown shirt and beard. Customize his hairstyle.
  4. Then go to Astro Knights Island, and customize the knife from the blue guy on main street. He will be outside the Common Room which was used to be Crop Circle Inn. (patched)