Paranormal Investigator

Both male and female variations of the "Paranormal Investigator" look

I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts!


  • Type "silverstar1364" in friend search, go through their closet, and get the cellphone
  • Get the glasses from randomly generated Poptropicans like the ones that can be found in Early Poptropica
  • Find the jacket on the conspiracy theorist sending radio transmissions from the rooftop on Virus Hunter Island
  • Go to Ghost Story Island, customize the shirt from the guy wearing the tinfoil hat in the cemetery

(Male Counterpart)

  • Buy the werewolf costume, wear only the pants
  • Buy the rock star 2 outfit, customize the black variation and wear only the mouth piece
  • Go to Back Lot Island, enter the Digital Dreamscapes and customize the hair from the guy in the very back
  • Get the bangs/side burns from Triton on Mythology Island

(Female Counterpart)

  • On Reality TV Island, customize the pants from the guy wearing the green shirt in front of the common room
  • Get the lipstick from the woman wearing the pink kimono in West Edo on Red Dragon Island
  • Find the sideburns on randomly generated Poptropicans like the ones that can be found in Early Poptropica
  • Go to Monster Carnival Island, get the ponytail/bandana from the woman running the strength test game


The female counterpart would also look nice with the black lipstick that can be obtained at the make-up stand in soundstage 2 on Back Lot Island. The male counterpart would look great if you buy the lawman outfit, wear only the facial hair/eye rings, and customize the hair from the guy with the headphones on Lunar Colony Island. Both variations would also look pretty snazzy with the black shades that can be found on various agents on Spy Island.

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