Peter Rhea
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Let's Do Some Testing...
Vital statistics
Title The Scientist
Gender Male
Race Demon, Warlock (formerly)
Faction Unknown
Health 1,000 HP
Level 5
Status Alive
Location New Hemlock

Peter Rhea is a character you encounter in the fanmade island 'Escape From The Unknown Island'. 


You meet Peter after you are mysteriously knocked out. So, to return the favor of being his new 'test subject', you invite him to stop the chaos happening in New Hemlock. After a while, he appears to have some quirks; going into dark alleys, some occasional laughter, and insisting on going out in the night to look for demons. You seem skepical on his behavior, only to find out later that he is a demon himself, controlled by a Greater Demon named Azazel.

After you defeat Azazel, Peter thanks you for releasing him from Azazel's control. He then shares with you a secret, he's from the past! He tells you that you'll be seeing a lot of him in the future, but, he'll only have time to give you the medallion before he fades away.