Hello, Poptropicans! Today, I am going to show all of you how to make a great gypsy outfit. The best part is, it is totally free! Follow along for the instructions, please!

Hair, Skin, & Cosmetics Edit

Hair: The hair is on the hippie girl inside the convention center on Poptropicon Island: Episode 2.

Bangs: Get the bangs from the girl in green in Herc's Hut on Mythology Island.

Hair Color: Use any color that ranges from the brown shown here to black. Dark brown will do in a pinch.

Skin Tone: I would have used a darker, tanned, shade, but I forgot and added this last-minute, heh. But any hue that isn't super-pale will do.

Mouth: Any neutral mouth will do. But for me, Biker lips suit any look! Invest in some.

Outfit Edit

Shirt: Find this on Aphrodite near Poseidon's Castle on Mythology Island.

Skirt: This is on an Arabian woman dressed in pink towards the left of Main Street on Arabian Nights Island: Episode 1.

Accessories Edit

Scarf: Found on a woman on Main Street wearing maroon on Arabian Nights Island: Episode 3.

Belt: Found on the same woman that had the scarf.

You can substitute the shirt for another relaxed-looking pink top, and the skirt for a pink Geisha skirt, although that costs credits.

Tell me what you think! Post your variations!

So long! -misshipster123pop

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