Piper McLean (White Dress)
Piper McLean
What You Need
Cost 150 Credits
Hat None
Hair Chocolate Brown, Braid, Side Braids
Top White and Gold
Bottoms White Skirt
Skin Tone Dark, Tan
Lips Red Glossy Lipstick
Other Accesories Knife/Belt, Spear
In honor of the book that recently came out, Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan, I have decided to recreate one of the characters in my favorite scene...the second scene where Piper McLean, Jason Grace, and Annabeth Chase are disguised as dead people.

How to Obtain:Edit


  1. Find the braid from a Randomly Generated Poptropican usually found on Early Poptropica or in common rooms.
  2. Get the side bangs from the girl in pink and blue on Reality TV island.
  3. Get the other side bangs from the Prom Queen Costume from the store.
  4. Dye your hair chocolate brown (dark brown with a little red).


  1. The top and bottom is from the Prom Queen Costume from the store.


  1. The knife on the belt is from the Robin Hood Costume from the store.
  2. Add hi.Juyo as a friend and go to her closet. There, you can customize the spear.


  1. Go to Mystery Train Island and customize the first woman on your right's lips.


  1. Dye your skin a darkish tan.