Can you paint with all of the colors of the wiiiiind?

The logical answer should be no. (Sorry to tell you the truth, hopeful three-year-olds).

Hair/Skin/Lips Edit

1. Dye your skin a sort of brown. Not a deep, coffee brown but more of a chestnut brown.

2. Color your hair black.

3. Friend PaleFire3 to customize her hair. (Which was from an old ad)

4. Go to Reality TV Island and copy the bangs from the girl wearing a pink and blue dress.

5. Get full, red lips from nearly anywhere.

Outfit Edit

1. Go to Wild West Island. If you haven’t gotten a horse yet, I suggest you try to do it now.

2. If you have a horse, travel to Diamond Plains. There should be a Native American girl there who complains about how the train hasn’t come in months. Copy her shirt and skirt.

3. Now travel to Dos Cactos and enter the shooting range. You should see an old man who tells you this won’t be his last contest or something or other. Yes, he is wearing that funny hat with a tail. A coonskin hat. Customize his belt.

4. Go to Monkey Wrench Island and find Crusoe. (Or was it Robinson)? Then customize his necklace from him.

Now can you paint with the colors of the wind?

No. You just have a great outfit now.

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