Halloween is just around the corner, so I haz created an outfit that is NOT related to fright and monsters. (Okay, yes. Maybe I created this outfit because my mother does not let me celebrate Halloween anymore, so it doesn’t really look like it would have anything to do with Halloween).

Hair/Skin/Lips Edit

  1. Dye your hair orange or brown.
  2. Dye your skin with a slight tan or a lighter shade of brown if your hair is brown.
  3. Go either to Counterfeit Island or Cryptids Island. On Counterfeit Island, you can copy the mouth from the female mime. On Cryptids Island, copy the mouth from the girl wearing a blue hat.
  4. On Counterfeit Island, customize the hat and hair from the tour guide.

Clothes Edit

  1. Travel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island and walk into the store. There is a man wearing an apron who tells you to scram if you haven’t got money. Copy his shirt.
  2. Travel to Spy Island, where you have to walk right until you see a guy wearing camouflage crouching amongst some bushes. He is wearing green pants. Copy them. Or, you can customize brown pants from a random Poptropican.
  3. Friend PumpkinCutie14 and customize her hoodie.

You sort of look like a pumpkin…….anyway, I think it’s a pretty good outfit.

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