Maroon Moon

The generic "Purple Guy" look

Now here's an outfit I never thought I'd share because of all the apparent controversy regarding this character - people seem to be growing increasingly closed-minded about how the "Purple Guy" is to be depicted in the Five Nights At Freddy's fandom. The fact of the matter is, he's a literally blank page - we may know bits and pieces of his "canon" character but everyone is free to interpret him in their own way. This particular costume combo is loosely based on my own interpretation of the iconic antagonist, but the outfit itself is so simple that it can very easily be modified to suit your liking!


  • Go to Superpower Island, enter the costume store and get the shirt from the clerk
  • Buy the disco king outfit, wear only the belt/pants
  • On Wild West Island, equip the golden badge given to you by the sheriff
  • Find the smile on randomly generated Poptropicans such as the ones that can be found in Early Poptropica
  • Color your hair any fitting shade of purple (skin is optional)


If you'd like to capture more of "Purple Guy's" infamously unsettling grin, you could swap out the smile for another that can be found on randomly generated Poptropicans, or even buy the April Fool costume and wear only the mouth piece. And if you'd like to play with his hair a little, you could travel around Poptropica to find something that suits you. The style shown in the preview image is a combination between Mr. Silva's hairdo from Shrinkray Island and the generic sideburns that can also be found on randomly generated Poptropicans. You could also remove the sideburns and he'd look good with Winston's hairdo from Survival Episode 3: Cabin Fever. The look also goes well with the hairdo you can customize from the man wearing green glasses waiting in line on Night Watch Island. Or, if you would rather blend in with the rest of the FNAF crowd, customize the unisex ponytail from the clerk in Queequeg's on Back Lot Island, type "fearlesshero80", go through their closet, customize the bangs, and you could recreate Rebornica's snazzy but rather over-rated OC dubbed "Vincent". The best part of this outfit, however, is that it doesn't even have to be "Purple Guy" in particular - you could just slip this on and play as a fellow Fazbear employee!