Redhead Casual Boy
Poptropican (7)
What You Need
Cost 0
Hat (N/A)
Hair Red
Top Grey Shirt

Black and White Striped Shirt

Bottoms Black Pants
Skin Tone Light
Lips Smile
Other Accesories Spy Sunglasses

The Redhead Casual Boy allows your Poptropican to look casual, cool, and redheaded. You even look like a bad boy. This outfit is available to any Poptropican male and is absolutely free.

How to GetEdit

  1. Go to Spy Island. Then go inside the HQ.
  2. Customize the sunglasses and hairstyle from one of the spies.
  3. Go to 24 Carrot Island, inside the Carrot King Diner.
  4. Make your hair red by making a red drink with a little bit of yellow.
  5. Find the top and bottom from random Poptropicans on Early Poptropican island.