Rough Fang (Go-To Outfit)
What You Need
Cost 75 (Membership Required)
Hat (N/A)
Hair Sticks Up, Tail
Top Orange and yellow t-shirt
Bottoms Brown pants
Skin Tone Doesn't matter
Lips Smile
Other Accesories Legendary Swords Mask
Twisted Thicket Island Medallion
 Are you a member looking for a member looking for an eccentric, yet fashionable outfit? If so, the Rough Fang outfit is the one for you!

How To GetEdit

How To Get Skull MaskEdit

Poptropica Legendary Swords Secret Skull Mask01:42

Poptropica Legendary Swords Secret Skull Mask

How To Get Hair, Shirt, and PantsEdit

Secret Item at Early Poptropica!01:21

Secret Item at Early Poptropica!

How To Get TailEdit

  1. You can buy the tail from the Poptropica Store. It is in the Wolf Boy/Wolf Girl outfit.

How To Get The Twisted Thicket Island MedallionEdit

The only way you can get the Twisted Thicket Island medallion is by beating Twisted Thicket Island. Here is how you can do so.

Poptropica - Twisted Thicket Island Full Walkthrough20:30

Poptropica - Twisted Thicket Island Full Walkthrough

You are now Rough Fang!

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