Christmas colors are generally seen as green, red and white. Here is an outfit that mostly focuses on green and red. (Red is for the blood that was spilled to replaced our sins. Green is for growth in faith).

Hair/Skin/Lips Edit


1. Dye your skin any color. You can dye it pale if you want your Poptropican to be truly Christmas-themed.

2. Dye your hair any color-although red is more Christmas-themed.

3. Friend AlwaysPrimrose and copy her banges.

4. Travel to Reality TV Show Island and run into Mike's Market. Copy the hair from the girl behind the counter.

5. Go to Shrink Ray Island and run to CJ’s house. You’ll see a girl standing in front of it. Customize her mouth. (patched)

Outfit Edit

1. Travel to Monster Carnival Island and customize the shirt from the guy standing in front of the Duck Game.

2.  Friend FieryBlaze4 and copy her red pants. Or, travel to Shark Tooth Island and copy the green pants from the coconut drink seller.

You are ready to celebrate Christmas in this simple outfit! Boys can wear it too, with a different hairstyle.

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