Star Butterfly is a teenage girl from a different planet. Continue reading if you want to look like her.


1.Dye your hair a pale blonde.

2. Dye your skin a pale peachy color.

3. Go to Cryptids Island and run right until you see a person dressed all in black. Customize her hair.

4. Go to Poptropolis Games Island and copy the bangs from the boy representing the Wildfire Tribe.

5. Buy the Fairy Queen costume from the story and copy the tiara.

6. Go to Mythology Island and customize the blue shirt from the woman WITHOUT the basket of fruit on her head.

7. Go to Poptropicon Island and customize the skirt from the girl wearing a blue, cone-shaped hat.

8. Friend LightBlueShirt and copy her belt.

9. Friend everything173 and copy the scepter-it kind of looks like a golden version of Star’s wand.

10. Customize a smile from someone.

You now look like Star! 

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