Last time I was here, I made a page on an outfit for Alex from Minecraft. But of course, if we have Alex, we need Steve! Nowadays Steve does not have a beard. This is why I made this page. I hope you like this outfit!

How To Get Your Outfit Edit

Hair: Edit

  1. Go to New You in Home Island.
  2. Get the the hair & the bangs from there.

Skin: Edit

  1. Dye your skin a tan-ish color.

Clothes: Edit

  1. Go to New You in Home Island.
  2. Get the shirt from there.
  3. Go to Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Island.
  4. Enter the Corner Store.
  5. Costumize the pants from the shopkeeper.

Accessories: Edit

  1. Since Steve's signature weapon is his sword, buy the Templar Knight & get his sword.
  2. Buy the Fall Fashion 1 or 2 ( I chose 2) & customize the backpack. This is for his inventory.

Mouth: Edit

  1. Do any mouths without teeth in them, like the smile from above.

Voila! You now look like Steve from Minecraft!


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