Stylish Buisness Man
What You Need
Cost 0 credits
Hat None
Hair Light Brown
Top Nice Collared Shirt
Bottoms Blue Slacks
Skin Tone Any
Lips Any
Other Accesories Stylish Glasses

Need to look cool at the office? If so, this outfit is for you!

How to GetEdit

  1. First, go to Counterfeit Island, and customize the man right under the blimp. Just get his shirt.
  2. Then, go to Early Poptropica Island. Enter the Pop-Art Museum and get Vincent Van Gogh's pants.
  3. Next, Go to Cryptids. Walk Right until you see a guy with a brown beard and hair. Get his glasses.
  4. Customize your hair choice and skin tone to your own liking!

That's the Stylish Business Man Outfit! I hope you enjoy it!