Terrific Teenage Girl
Poptropican (11)
What You Need
Cost 75 credits
Hat None
Hair Blonde ponytail
Top Toga top
Bottoms Black yoga pants
Skin Tone Light
Lips Biker Girl Lips
Other Accesories Glasses, Necklace

Do you want to look like a fashionable modern teen? This outfit will allow non-members with some credits to get a fashionable outfit.

How to GetEdit

1) Buy the Biker Girl outfit in the Poptropica store. Customize the lips.

2) Go to Mythology Island. Walk inside Herc's Hero Hut.

3) You can customize the "tank top" from one of the girls inside the restraunt. I customized the green top.

4) Go the Astro-Knights Island. Keep walking right until you find a purple princess. She is in front of the castle. (This is the same girl we customized in the Purple Prom Princess outfit).

5) Customize the girl's necklace. Then, enter your blimp.

6) Go to Back Lot Island. Walk to the left until you find a guy dressed in black and grey. Customize his pants.

7) You can find the blond ponytail in Common Rooms. The color comes with the ponytail.

8) You can find the glasses in Common Rooms, or from randomly generated people in the streets of Early Poptropica.

I am sorry for those brown arms. I cannot figure out how to get rid of them.

That is it. Goodbye!