Halloween. Trick-or-treating. Do you like the holiday of darkness and candy? This outfit is all about



1. Go to Vampire’s Curse Island and customize the hair from the girl standing near the movie theater. If you want, you can also copy the shadows underneath her eyes.

2. Go to Poptropolis Games Island and copy the bangs from the Wildfire Representative.

3. Go to Nabooti Island and run left until you see the pilot. Copy his scarf.

4. Go to Back Lot Island and run right, right, right……..until you meet an elderly couple of tourists. Copy the man’s white pants.

5. Go to Wild West Island and tame Elmer the horse. If you have already tamed him, then ride to Diamond Plains and run until you see a girl dressed in hot pink and black with feathers in her hair. She is standing near Ruby’s Saloon. Customize her lips.

6. Friend DarkCandy7 and copy her dress.

7. Dye your hair black and your skin pale and slightly tinged with pink. If you want to look more striking and have your Poptropican stand out from others, dye your skin brown and your hair a shade of pink that will match the existing streak in your hair.

Ready for Halloween, yet?

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