True Blue

The "True Blue" Look

Ever thought of throwing all caution to the wind by mixing and matching different costume pieces just to see what you can create? Well, that's pretty much where this snazzy outfit came from! Now this one may cost a little bit, but I highly doubt you'll regret it!

Hair, Skin, & CosmeticsEdit

Hair: In Poptropicon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert, get the ponytail from Sasha Capone.

Bangs: None!

Hair Color: Dye your hair this pretty sky blue.

Skin Tone: Dye your skin white.

Lips: The lips are found on the blue Swan Ballerina costume.

Outfit Edit

Shirt: In Poptropicon Episode 1: Line Forms Here, get this shirt from the woman wearing the blue top hat waiting at the end of the line on main street.

Skirt: This is found on the same woman you got the shirt from!

Accessories Edit

Hat: This is on the blue Pop Star costume.

Makeup: You can find this on the green version of the Rock Star 2 costume.

Vest: Same as to where you found your hat!

Wings: Found on the Angel costume.

Belt: Same as to where you got your makeup!


If you'd really like to stand out from the crowd, try equipping the lightening staff that can be bought in store! A nice little addition to that would be to electrify your Poptropican, especially in blue! But don't take all of your fashion tips from Blue Berry here, see what you can create!